Application for Weekly Vendors

If you have a business that provides services, or you are an artist and would like to set up your booth on a weekly basis, you have come to the right place.  Maybe you sharpen knives, or make saddles, or your an artist who would like to show off your work, but are unable to commit to the market due to previous commitments. Or maybe you are just getting started and want to test the market for your product without a long-term commitment.  This application is for you!  We have a limited number of spaces set aside.  The rate is $50 per visit.  If you are selling any food products you will need a permit from the City of Lago Vista. If you are selling non-food items, the city permit is not required.  The rules are simple.  We must know what you are selling, so submit photos and a description to us at  Your products must be made locally by you.  If you have a service tell us what it is, where your business is located, and how our customers can benefit from what you do.. We set the schedule of when booths are available and need two weeks advance notice of when you plan to set up, so we can do our best to help promote you and your business through our marketing efforts.  Plan to use your social media sites to promote the event as well.  We have a rain or shine market.  If it’s raining or cold or blazing hot, we will be open.  If you commit we expect that you will show up.   And most important, if you have any questions, we are here to help!

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City Of Lago Vista Farmers Market Vendor Permit

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