Selima’s Many Uses for Epsom Salts

There many uses in gardening for Epsom salts and Selima’s grandma knew them all!  Here are a few of Selima’s favorites.

Grandma knows best…..
One of my favorite gardening secrets is something that my Granny shared with me long ago….. Epsom salts. They are so cheap and convenient, you can even find them in Lago Vista! Epsom salts have numerous garden applications, but here are the 3 main ways I use them regularly:
1. I use them when I transplant starter plants into the garden bed. This helps prevent shock and helps the plant establish roots faster. Always add salts to holes in the top soil so that the power minerals don’t injure the sensitive roots.
2. As a foliage feed…. Mix one tablespoon per gallon of water. Water leaves, plants, and soil thoroughly. Then repeat in 10 days. This will double the number of blooms in flowering plants. Your tomatoes and peppers will benefit greatly from this treatment. Think larger roses, tastier tomatoes, and more peppers than a gal can pickle and eat.
3. Do you have a plant that looks especially ravaged by our insane weather? Sprinkle some Epsom salts at the base of preexisting plants to increase nutrient absorption then water abundantly. This works best when used in addition to an organic fertilizer. I prefer Lady Bug’s John’s Recipe Liquid Fertilizer in the Fall.  You can buy it in the quart or gallon size at Sun Hardware in Lago Vista.
I would love to know how y’all use Epsom salts in your gardens.
Happy Planting,